Higher Communication offers workshops through the Hanover Schools Office of Family and Community Engagement.  We also will come to your place of business upon request.


Instructor: Christine Fleming 

This three part, interactive, workshop-style series will cover everything you need to know from entering the workforce, making a job or career change or just updating your resume and refreshing your interview skills. You can register for all three or for each one independently.  



Just as the Internet has enriched and expanded our lives, it has changed the game for job seekers as well. Gone are the days of newspaper ads and Help Wanted signs. Today the savvy online user can go from search to acceptance letter on any handheld device. This workshop is designed to give an overview of online resources—including LinkedIn, the most important online platform for job seekers—to explore new careers, network, find training resources, research potential employers and build an effective profile. This class will touch upon the best places to find remote (work-from-home) and contract work and give insight into those looking to work for themselves from the comfort of their home office. 


TIME: 6:30-8:00pm 

FEE: $29 


Building upon the first workshop where we created and enhanced your LinkedIn profile, this workshop will get down to the nuts and bolts of building a standout resume. Did you know that roughly 9% of resumes submitted to corporations or government agencies are never read by a human? This course examines best practices of resume construction and outlines the most common mistakes. Participants are encouraged to bring their most recent resume and a printout of a job posting for practical classroom exercises. Be prepared to participate in class discussions and complete basic exercises designed to make your resume stand out among the top 10%. Instructor is available at the end of class for students who have specific questions or who want to delve deeper in the practical exercises. 


TIME: 6:30-8:00pm 

FEE: $29


Now that you’ve mastered the job-seeking e-tools, updated your resume and LinkedIn profile and have a list of potential jobs and employers, it’s time to practice the interview! The interview can be one of the most intimidating and anxiety inducing experiences adults face when job seeking—but it doesn’t have to be! This class breaks down the process, questions to expect and the hidden meanings behind the most common ones most candidates encounter. This is an interactive, participation-based workshop, which includes crafting an introduction, or “Elevator Speech,” and participating in a Mock Interview session. 


TIME: 6:30-8:00pm 

FEE: $29 


Program Brochure can be found HERE

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